5,000 Moving Parts

On view through November 2014

Another exhibition update


With the opening of 5000 Moving Parts now less than a month away, here's what we've been up to:

The gallery has been painted, the text has been edited, the graphics have been designed, and the sculptures are being installed over the next weeks.

Arthur Ganson's Machine with Breath, which includes sound by composer Christina Campanella, is in the process of being installed, with completion scheduled for November 17, when Christina will fine-tune her composition in the space.

The Takis work, Electromagnetic I, No. 13 (which dates from 1968 rather than 1964, as we discovered when the work was brought out of its crates) has been tested and installed, and it's working.

Anne Lilly will be installing a new large-scale work, To Conjugate, during the week of November 11, along with two smaller works, To Caress and Eighteen Eighteen.

John Douglas Powers will be installing his works Ialu and Haliades from November 7 - 9.

And, finally, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer will arrive in the few days before the exhibition opens, to install Please Empty Your Pockets.

Many people at the MIT Museum have been involved in bringing the exhibition along, including Mary Leen and Katie Porter, who are handling administration and much more; Joan Whitlow, who takes care of artists' loans and transportation of the sculptures; Alexander Goldowsky, the MIT Museum's Director of Exhibitions, who is contributing advice and oversight in many areas; and Don Stidsen, who has been preparing the gallery and installing works. Paul Montie has led the design effort toward elegance and simplicity, including directions to viewers that explain how to operate many of the sculptures.

Our meetings now almost always move into the gallery, and with each meeting my anticipation of seeing, hearing, experiencing the exhibition grows. It's been a privilege to work on this project.

     Site Design: Paul Montie